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What is the Client Portal?

Client Portal 11 min read , April 14, 2022

The Client Portal allows your clients to contact you, communicate their problems and requests to you. We refer to requests created by your clients as Support Requests. You can assign your team members to Support Requests, follow the process with your client and communicate with your clients. Also, you can share tasks and files with your clients. They get notification for work you done.

Client Portal

Thanks to the portal, you provide a portal application for your organization where your clients can contact you. Your clients can create their own user accounts in the portal application.

You can access the settings related to the Portal by clicking the relevant link in the navigation menu.

Client Portal Button

How the Client Portal Works?


Cubicl creates a portal for your organization and offers two links specific to your organization so that your clients can access the portal: Portal Link ve Support Form Link.

Portal Link redirects your clients to the portal application. If they don't have an account, they can create one here. If they have an account, they can sign in and login in to their accounts.

Client Portal Login Page

On the other hand, Support Form Link redirects your clients to the public support form. By filling out this form, your clients can create a support request without creating an account or login to the portal. The support form is like that:

Support Request Form at Client Portal

You can access these links from the Client Portal page in the Cubicl application. You can share these links on your website, emails or in any medium that you can forward to your clients.

Client Portal and Suport Form Links

Public Support Form

The easiest way for your clients to use the portal is by clicking on the Public Support Form link and sending you support requests from the support form they will reach. This form is public, which means, anyone who opens the form can create a support request without creating a portal account. The person who creates the support request will enter Name, Email, Title and Description of the support request on the form. If they want, they can upload files to the support request.

When the client submits the support request, a task is created in Cubicl. And then, the task assigns to the your team members. The task includes details of the request for support, files and the client that created it. The assignees get notification for the new support request by a notification message.

A Support Request Notification from a Client Portal

The person who creates the support request get an information e-mail. This email contains a link to access the support request that the person has created. By clicking on this link, the person can view the support requests s/he created and create new posts on them without the need to create an account. If s/he wishes, s/he can create a portal account and access her/his account at any time via her/his e-mail and password.

Support Request Received Email for a Client Portal

Portal Link

This link allows people without an account to create a user account on the portal. Users with an account can log in. When users enter their account, they can view the previously created requests, shared tasks and mutually shared files.

A Client Portal Page

When the support request is created, as before, a task is created in Cubicl, assignees are assigned, assignees are informed with a notification and an informative e-mail is sent to the person who creates the support request.

A Support Request as a Task for a Client Portal

Responding to Support Requests

You can write a reply from Cubicl to contact the client who created the support request. Your client will be informed by e-mail about the reply.

Support Request Replied Email for a Client Portal

Similarly, your clients can reply to the support request or upload files and support request assignees are notified by Cubicl in-app notifications or e-mail.

A Client’s Reply via Client Portal

To use the public support form, first click on the Settings button located in the upper right corner on the Client Portal page on the navigation menu. Check the Enable Public Support option from the window that opens and save the form.

On the Client Portal page, you will see the form and portal links as below. You can share your preferred one of these links with your clients on your website, e-mail or in another way.

Client Portal and Support Form Links

Sharing Tasks and Files

Other than responding support requests of your client, you can share tasks and files.

A Shared Task for a Client Portal

For this, go to the task you want to share and share with clients from the setting button. The client will receive notifications for shared tasks and she will see tasks at the portal.

A Shared Task at A Client Portal Account

As well as sharing files on a task, you can share files related with a client by client’s page. From the navigation menu, go to the Clients page and then to the client’s own page. From the Files tab, share a file or folder with the client.

Share Files for a Client Portal

The client can see the shared files and folders from the portal account. Also, s/he can share files with you.

Files at A Client Portal Account

Customize the Portal

You can use your organization's name and logo in the portal application. To do this, go to the Client Portal page in Cubicl and click the Settings button. Update organization name and logo appear on this form. We recommend the logo to be at least 200x200 px resolution.

Example Logo for a Client Portal

You can customize the title and description text that will appear on the support forms from the settings form. For example, you can specify the information that should be indicated in support requests in the description section.

Customize Your Support Form for the Client Portal

Support Topics

Your clients can create support requests on different topics and a different unit of your company or different people can be assigned for each subject. As an example, a store may want requests for products to be forwarded to the sales department and requests for invoices to the accounting department.

In such cases, you can add topics under Support Topics in the Settings window. For each support topic, you can determine the project in which the relevant support request will be created and the assignees to be assigned to that request.

Support Topics for the Client Portal

The topics you identified are listed in the support form, and the person who creates the support request can choose the appropriate topic.

Subjects at Support Form for Client Portal

There must be at least one support topic in the Settings window. A support topic is automatically created by Cubicl by default. If there is only one support topic, the topic selection box is not shown in the support forms. This topic is automatically selected.

What Can My Clients See?

At the portal account, your clients can see notifications, support requests, tasks and files tab at the portal application.

Your clients can see the name, state, followers and creation date of the support requests and tasks and the replies to them. In the replies your team members' name will be shown. However, profile pictures are not displayed.

A Support’s Details at the Client Portal

Your team mates posts are hidden by default so that private correspondence within the team can be made on support requests, and they are not visible to your client who created the support request.

Not Visible Post for the Client Portal

You should make the responses written for your client visible by clicking the Make Customer Visible to the client link.

Make Visible to the Client for the Client Portal

No task details (dates, project of tasks, steps, task activities and others) are shared with your clients other than those mentioned.

Mobile App for My Clients

Your client can communicate and collaborate with you via customized mobile application for your organization.

Customized Mobile App for Client Portal

How do I Add My Clients to the Portal?

Simply share the Portal Link or Support Form Link on the Client Portal page with your clients. When they create or register for support, portal accounts are created and added to the portal.

Client Portal and Support Form Links

Which Link Should I Use?

You can use both links at the same time. If your clients do not need to actively use their portal accounts and the number of requests per client is low, you can share the Support Form Link with your clients. In this way, you can skip the account creation process and enable them to submit their requests quickly.

If your clients will actively use the portal application and you expect more requests to be sent per client, you can use the Portal Link. In this way, your clients will have created a portal account and will be able to log in to their account whenever they want and follow the process.

IMPORTED INFORMATION: A portal account is created automatically for users who submit their support request using the Support Form Link. These people simply need to set their password to start using their accounts. However, they can view the support requests they have created and respond by clicking on the link in the e-mail sent to them without setting a password and logging into their accounts.

An informational e-mail with a link is sent to these users when they create a support request and the support requests are answered.

Can My Client Have Multiple Users?

A client can have multiple users on the portal. In this way, each user can log in from their own account and follow the processes. Thanks to different accounts, you can distinguish the people who created the post in support requests.

How Do I Invite Clients with Multiple Users to the Portal?

First, create a client record in Cubicl for your client. To do this, go to the Clients page from the navigation menu.

Clients Page

After creating the client, open the Client Portal page in Cubicl. Click the New Portal Account button.

New Client Portal Account

Find your client and enter the list of users you will invite. When you save the form, an email invitation is sent to all users.

How Can I Add New User to My Client with Portal Account?

Open the Client Portal page and go to the section titled Portal Accounts. In this section, you will see the list of your clients using the portal. Find your client using the search box. Click on the Settings link shown when you hover over your client, enter new users and save the form. An invitation email will be sent to new users.

Invite Contacts to the Client Portal

How Are Portal Users Matched with Clients?

When the people you invite using the invitation methods mentioned above create an account, they are matched to the client you choose. Users who created an account via the Support Form Link or Portal Link that you did not invite as mentioned above are matched with their e-mail.

If a user's email address is in a client record you created in Cubicl, it is added to that client's portal account. The e-mail address can be the customer's e-mail address or the e-mail address of a contact on that client.

If the e-mail address of the user registering on the portal is not on a client registration, Cubicl creates a new client registration for that user. In this way, new clients who are not among your client records are automatically added to your client list when they use the portal or submit a support request.

Different Client Records Have Been Created for the Users of One Client. What should I do?

  • If a client has multiple users using the portal,
  • If these users are registered using the Support Form Link or the Portal Link, not by the invitation method,
  • and the email addresses of registered users are not on the client record prior to registration

it is not possible to automatically match these users with the correct client. In this case, Cubicl creates new client records for these users and evaluates them as different clients. In this case, these users will be put in different portal accounts and will not be able to see each other's requests.

For this reason, there may be situations where the users of a client cannot see the requests created by each other and they are tagged as different clients on the support requests. In this case, you should move the users who are in different accounts to your client's original account. To do this, go to the section titled Portal Accounts on the Client Portal page. Find the client by typing your client's name in the search box. In the table, when you hover over your client with the mouse, you will see the Settings link. Click on that link and then type in the email address of the user you want to move to this client's portal account. When you save the form, the process will be completed and an e-mail will be sent to the relevant user.


If you have questions about the Client Portal, you can contact us at support@cubicl.io. Or you can quickly explore Cliet Portal from the website.

Client Portal