Online Production Management Software for Manufacturing Sector

Use Cases 7 min read , April 2, 2024

In today's fast-paced production environment, real-time production monitoring is extremely important to stay competitive and meet customer demands. While larger companies often invest in custom production management software, small manufacturing firms or teams within larger companies with simpler processes may seek alternative solutions. Using task management software, such as Cubicl, offers flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of online task management tools, with a focus on Cubicl as a particularly noteworthy solution.

Production Management

Production Management Software: ERP Systems and more

Manufacturing production tools help production managers and employees to;

  • increase production efficiency.
  • eliminate production bottlenecks.
  • provide shop floor control.
  • plan production floor.
  • automate tasks and processes.
  • decrease downtime.
  • protect supply chain sustainability.
  • control production data.
  • assist accurate production plan.

Cloud based production scheduling software for product manufacturing and tracking generally falls into the category of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Material Requirement Planning (MRP) systems tailored for production. A manufacturing planning application helps facilitate and optimize the product's process from planning and scheduling to production monitoring and quality control.

Some popular production planning software options include: SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME), Oracle Manufacturing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing, PLEX, Epicor ERP, Rockwell, Talk Production Centre, IQMS Manufacturing ERP.

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When selecting software for planning, it's important to consider factors such as the specific needs of your production processes, scalability, integration capabilities with existing systems, and the level of support and customization offered by the software provider.

Especially for small manufacturers or those with simpler production processes, using task management software can be an alternative to erp software or MES systems. Task management tools are often easier to use, having more user-friendly dashboards, and cost-effective compared to full-fledged MES or ERP systems. They can help facilitate communication, collaboration, and task tracking among different teams within your organization and offers features such as CRM, gantt chart, analytics and reports.

Advantages of Task Management Tools for Production Planning

  • Ease of Use: Installation and usage of task management software are typically easier compared to complex MES or ERP systems. Most of them are cloud-based.
  • Cost Efficiency: Task management tools often come with lower upfront costs and can be made more affordable for small companies through subscription-based pricing models.
  • Flexibility: Many task management platforms allow customization of workflows and integration with other tools, enabling you to tailor the software to your specific needs.
  • Collaboration Between Teams: Task management applications can facilitate collaboration among different teams within the manufacturing company, including R&D, marketing, design, procurement, and HR.
You can create a chat group for teams in Cubicl

If you prefer managing your manufacturing business with a task management program instead of expensive and complex manufacturing planning systems, you should carefully evaluate alternatives. To find the accurate tool, get opinions from other team members and start experimenting with the tools together. Is the platform sufficient for your task management process, does it meet the needs for intra-team communication, is the interface modern and user-friendly? Don't forget to review all of these with your team. Let's start trying platforms with Cubicl.

Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software

Cubicl Task Management Software is a flexible web and mobile application designed to facilitate collaboration within your team. While the application does not offer a specific production module, it provides valuable features for production planning and management. With Cubicl, you can create work orders, track progress during production, and monitor employees workload. What sets Cubicl apart is its ability to unite different production teams and allow tracking of tasks for other teams as well. We can't define Cubicl as a production management system, but Cubicl makes your production process manageble. Let's take a look at the features that will become indispensable for your organization together.

Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software
Kanban view in Cubicl.

Gantt Chart for Task Orders

In manufacturing, a work order serves as the formal instruction manual for a specific production task or order. In a company, work orders outline what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be completed. It is basically a road map that guides employees from raw materials to finished products.

You can create work orders in Cubicl by clicking "create a task" and add assignees, start and end dates, files and forms, if any, to the task cards. If these tasks are repetitive, you can make them recurring tasks and add sub-steps or progress bars to the tasks. If you wish, you can add additional fields to the task cards according to your own process, in addition to the existing fields.

Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software
Create Task page in Cubicl.

Your manufacturing processes may involve multiple tasks, asiggnees, and teams. In such cases, you can plan with the Gantt Chart.

Now imagine balancing multiple work orders simultaneously, ensuring each step occurs in the correct order and within deadlines. This is where Cubicl's Gantt Chart comes into play. Gantt charts act as visual conductors and plan the production process:

  • Task Display: Each work order becomes a bar on the chart, visually representing its duration and timeline.
  • Ordering Tasks: Task bars are arranged in the order they need to be completed, creating a clear workflow roadmap.
  • Highlighting Dependencies: If one task depends on another finishing first, Gantt charts prevent delays by visually showing this.
  • Progress Tracking: As tasks are completed, the bars change color, revealing a real-time picture of production progress.
Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software
Gantt Chart in Cubicl.

Google Sheet Integration for Inventory Tracking

Stock tracking is the process of constantly monitoring the amount, location and status of stocks such as finished goods and raw materials owned by businesses. This process also includes situations such as entry, exit and wastage of stocks.

Integrations in Cubicl.

Integrating Google Sheets with Cubicl, alternative to production management software, may be a logical solution for data storage and workflow tracking in the shop floor. So why?

  • Cost-effective: Google Sheets is free to use.
  • Familiarity: Many people are already familiar with Google Sheets, making the application easier to use.
  • Flexibility: Google Sheets allows for customization and adaptation to specific needs.
  • Integration: Cubicl seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets. You can attach the file you use for inventory management to the relevant task, making it accessible to task assignees.

Thanks to Google Sheet integration, you can also add the documents you made cost analysis to the relevant task in Cubicl.

Bookkeeping for Pre-Accounting Operations

Bookkeeping feature allows you to keep track of your receivables and payables. With this feature, you can easily monitor who owes you how much, when payment is due, identify overdue payments, and track unpaid debts.

Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software
Bookkeeping in Cubicl.

Note: Note: Invoices are not created in Cubicl Task Management Program. To prepare invoices, you should use software specialized for this purpose.

Forms for Production Recipe

The recipe describes the sequence of operations involved in manufacturing, the amount of materials required to produce the product, and the semi-finished products produced. It also guides the creation of orders during the production process.

Reply Page for a Form.

Cubicl, an alternative to production management software, has a Forms page. Forms are ideal for collecting data related to tasks, creating operation forms, or conducting internal surveys. With this feature, you can create production recipes. In addition, you can use forms to create maintenance logs, training approval forms, purchase orders, and employee satisfaction surveys. You should add the forms you create to the relevant task.

Cubicl for Other Sectors and Teams

Cubicl, the task management software that offers versatile features, breaks down the barriers in the sector by adapting to the unique needs of each sector. From meticulous planning of construction projects to dynamic information flow across media agencies, its customizable features allow teams to adapt their work process within the app and achieve their goals.

Cubicl Project Tracking Tool, which streamlines the business tracking process of retail companies and enables companies producing in different fields to collaborate on their projects, can be used by teams working in the field, in the production facility, and remotely.

Create projects for teams and departments.

This adaptability becomes clear when you consider the wide range of users: from the disciplined world of finance and accounting to the creative sphere of culture and art, every sector finds value in the features Cubicl offers. Cubicl's strong presence in the manufacturing industry known for complex workflows further highlights its flexibility. Cubicl goes beyond just being a software; It is a platform for the development of various industries. It helps teams with efficiency and productivity.

Try Free Trial

Try Cubicl for free to control your production management processes and track your tasks. Invite your team during the trial. Create workflows together. Manage your messages and e-mails. Store your files. Get reporting for your tasks. Visit our website for these and more.

Cubicl: Alternative for Production Management Software
Reports page in Cubicl.

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the need for having effective production management software is greater than ever. While larger enterprises often rely on customizable software solutions, smaller businesses or teams can benefit from more agile alternatives like task management programs. Cubicl Task Management App stands out as a cloud-based solution that offers comprehensive features tailored to the needs of manufacturing teams. From facilitating production planning with Gantt charts to seamless integration with Google Sheet integration, or ensuring bookkeeping records, Cubicl empowers businesses to optimize their production processes and stand out in today's competitive market. Are you ready to experience the benefits firsthand? Try Cubicl for free today for better production management process.