Cubicl for Sales Teams: Before, During and After Sale

Use Cases 3 min read , December 13, 2022

Cubicl is a task management app where you can follow your tasks, create projects and chat with your team. But you can also follow your sales process. You can communicate with your leads. You can create client records, follow deals, tasks and bookkeepings. Let’s discover which features fit your process.

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Cubicl for sales teams.

Before Sales

One of the most important factors in turning a lead into a customer is the support you provide. In this process, the prospect may have questions about both the product/service and your team. These questions must be answered quickly to increase your . How about making your returns from a software where you also follow them as tasks?

Get Questions via Support Form and Answer Quickly

Cubicl provides you a Support Form Link to share with your potential buyers. You can embed this link to your website, blog, e-commerce site etc. When your prospects click the link, they see a public Support Form. By filling out this form, they can ask their questions about your products or services.

Public Support Form

These forms are created as tasks in related project. You can talk to your teammates under the task and answer prospect’s questions quickly.

A support request

Integrate Your “” Mail

As a sales team, another way to speed up communication with your leads is to turn incoming emails into tasks. For instance, connect your mail to Cubicl, get emails via Cubicl, work under it and reply back.

Connect your emails to Cubicl.

You can import incoming e-mails at your e-mail account to your Cubicl account and you can answer back senders via Cubicl through task activities.

Turn Emails to Tasks

During Sales

The prospect stated that she was satisfied with the product / service and said that she was considering purchasing. So things got official. That is why, you must record all information about the client. If you have submitted offers, you should be able to follow them. You must save your receivables. So, you need a platform to do those. Cubicl here!

Create Client Records

In Cubicl, you can add

  • your clients,
  • tasks, deals, bookkeepings and files related to them,
  • notes for clients,
  • activities.

All clients you saved are listed on the Client page. From this page, you can add new clients to your organization and view them.

Client’s Page

Create Deals and Follow the Process

You can create deals that you offer to clients. The deals are listed according to their stages, like kanban view. You can drag and drop the deal card to change its stage.

Deals in Kanban View


You can give different permission levels to your sales team. Thus, only responsible persons can view, change or delete your clients and deals.

Permission Levels

Permission levels for the client and deal pages:

  • None: Nobody can view or change the clients/ deals.
  • View: Users can only view a client’s/ deal's information and activities.
  • Contribute: They can create clients/ deals.
  • Edit: They change clients/ deals information.
  • Manage: They can view, contribute, edit, and delete clients/ deals. Additionally, they can set user permissions for clients/ deals page. Account managers always have the manage permission.

Customize Your Deal’s Page Stages

You can add new stages or edit default stages via stage settings.

Customize the Deal Stages


Bookkeeping allows you to keep records of receivables and payables. In this way, you can see from whom how much payment you should receive, when the payment will be due, which payments are late and how much you owe to whom.

Bookkeeping Entries for your Sales

After Sales

  1. Even after the sale, your clients will have questions. Or you may need to send files and reports periodically. They may want to purchase the service/product once again. And for that, it may be necessary to stay in touch. Your customers should know that they can easily contact you and their questions will be answered quickly. In this way, your customer satisfaction will increase and you will gain the loyalty of them.

Client Portal

The Client Portal allows your clients to contact you, communicate their problems and requests to you. You can assign your team members to Support Requests, follow the process with your client and communicate with your clients. Also, you can share tasks, files and bookkeeping entries with your clients. They get notification for work you done.

Client Portal

Cubicl offers you many features besides keeping track of your daily tasks. You can follow the sales process in Cubicl using these features. Experience Cubicl and share your Cubicl experience with Cubicl Community.